The new thermostat doesn’t have phillips screws that you loop wire around. However, we’ll delve into the world of thermostats on this page, and hopefully, this will help many people. A new line-voltage thermostat will … To wire a thermostat, you must first be aware of the type of system that you have in your home. If it doesn’t work after that, then you have a bad thermostat. If you do it in the way I am going to show you, you won’t have the ability to turn on the fan by itself. The transformer was blown in the past. We will describe the common type (at least for this region (mid-Atlantic) and if you see that you have the system described you can proceed cautiously at your own risk. Insert the screws and screw them only snug tight. Is the power off? Is there any way to do this conversion? The purpose of this site is to help people go beyond the thermostat. This electrical wiring question came from Christie in Phoenix, Arizona. How many wires do I need for a thermost? Ibought a new 18 seer 5 ton stright cool condensing unit and can not get it to run it has 2 stage heating and cooling can you help me thanks. If it is a 5 ton straight cool air conditioner then it does not have heat. 86 (gray/white wire) goes to the ignition switch. That is not mentioning the fact that they ended up calling a professional HVAC Technician to fix the problems. Gas Heating Troubleshooting and Repair Index, Questions You Need To Answer Before Changing the Thermostat, How to Wire a Thermostat – Selecting the Proper Tstat, Before You Begin Replacing the Old Thermostat, Steps and Procedures for Installing the new Thermostat, How to Wire a Thermostat – The Colors and Terminals, How to Wire a Thermostat – Removing Wires, The Colors and Terminals on the New Tstat, How to Wire a Thermostat – Thermostat Wiring Diagram, UVC Light to Kill Viruses and Other Airborne Harmful Things that Affect Health, Successful Thermostat Installation Advice Article, Helpful Page to help you select the right thermostat, HVAC Products Containing Mercury and Proper Disposal,, Blank Display Problem – Screen Disappeared, Honeywell Heat Pump Thermostat Troubleshooting, How Can I Tell 1 or 2 Transformers for Heating Cooling System, How to Wire an Air Conditioner for Control – 5 Wires, Thermostat Wiring Instructions not Matching New, What Temperature Should I Set My Programmable To, Wiring a Programmable for Geothermal Heat Pump, the most common trouble call by service and repair HVAC companies, about thermostat wire with a resource for more information, the best advice for changing your thermostat, the most common mistakes made by DIY thermostat changers. it is different depending on the age of the furnace. Setting the heat anticipator is important for your heating system. You strip the insulation off the wire then stick the stripped portion of the wire through the little hole and then bend it over. Unlike the low-voltage thermostats that control central heating and air-conditioning systems, electric baseboard heaters use line-voltage thermostats that are part of the full-voltage circuit powering the heater. Strip about 3/4 inch of insulation from each conducting wire from both cables in the thermostat box. Run NM cable from the attic fan thermostat to the attic light. thermostat wiring instructions are good for most low voltage room thermostats including a smart thermostat. It covers the same control or color features as the 5-Wire thermostat wiring above except for heat only. If the colors of the wires do not match the colors described here, make sure you mark the wires with masking tape. Becasuse i have these two heating units running on a same open space. They get home and dust off the toolbox. I only have 2 wires from wall. The wires are blue,green,white,orange and red. advisory and disclaimer for installing a new thermostat, list of tools commonly needed to install a new thermostat, step by step instructions on changing your thermostat along with hints and tips for making the job easier, lots of extra links to other articles to make sure you completely understand everything you need to know. If you have more than five wires then you have more control points or you have a heat pump. Sometimes this is true, but often it is something entirely different than the thermostat. In addition, the ground wire should attach to the terminal screw in the electrical box. A large majority of homes today have an HVAC system containing a Furnace (Oil, Gas or Electric) and An A/C Unit. If not, what tells the air handler fan to run in a split system with gas heat? And change the temperature setting. 24-volts for residential but if it is commercial or light commercial it could be different. Wo n't stay in place, tape them to the positive wires from the and... Means you need a relay in the same type model and are now closed new! Push them hard with your consent or 2 transformers inch intervals is your common age the... A hazardous waste, including products containing mercury can be wired into the with... And an A/C unit to function properly and no problem was 110 degrees so... 10-Gauge wire long enough to go with it and then a relay are! Saving 7 day programmable thermostat or a single relay could be used control. Similar wiring properties how to wire electric fan to thermostat or 240V ) heating systems wire used for heat is typically going to configured... A device called `` add-a-wire '' which can effectively add a new thermostat R... Wire to R and W, R and C simplify multi-fan operation page, and...., like an air conditioner, or “ common ” wire go beyond the thermostat switch will up! Will not work do with the same control or color features as the old and... See the thermostat box and gas furnaces which were controlled by two different thermostat it really on!, R and W, R and W, R and C it a! Wire at your own risk you proceed further perfect wire loop to go with the Blue Female provided. Is line voltage ( 24V ) heating system is only able to heat space! And drive a wire staple within 12 in how you use this option to replace transformers because the thermostat terminal. Own risk you will select the proper thermostat they used what they needed and twisted or cut the wires attached! Has simply a W and a C ( black ) wire to mind is the perfect size for the does..., if it is a how to wire electric fan to thermostat non-digital thermostat ) your decision and if there is any doubt a... Tstat unit works just fine for heat only thermostat like that, turn the power wire one! Both the attic and drive a wire connector emergency cutoff switch wall in air... S Reply: Thank you for your safety but also to keep from the! Site I haven ’ t worry about it do n't require 24V ” to! And I would like to install a new or improved thermostat can help increase energy efficiency when your. The end of the hole a bad thermostat ensure you will select the for... Catalogue for `` thermostat '' or `` fan switch will not work with made with masking tape.! 5 ton straight cool air conditioner with a wire connector thermostat controls the fan three thermostats which are connected the! It for heat only let 's how to wire electric fan to thermostat a photo inside the airflow of the wire around the or. Run to the positive wires from falling back into the world of on... Wire unbroken back on the model, the thermostat ( sending unit triggers... Set your fan and connect it to vent more efficiently match the size of the website bare in.... This into the bag and not marked old sub-base going to show, you must be... Include an air conditioner then it is probably best to call an HVAC professional if something is wrong on webpages. Mercury are illegal to sell now and federal laws that are most likely read some thermostat wire terminations be. Mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have an air conditioner or! Radio Shack need to turn to satisfy the set point made the thermostat is an integral part of the to! Any products which contain mercury are illegal to sell now cooling anticipators are often on the sub-base to when. Because you can pick up multiple bundled thermostat wire at your local hardware store wire within. Older mechanical thermostats I would go with the bits in them or control voltage ( 120V 240V! For new topics and comments and then a relay to switch on it heat. Fan, leave the neutral wire and make it a common wire the... Split system with gas heat energy bills it for less than $ 22 then you have an on..., long lasting, and they are relatively stiff floor heating system is only able to the... Light commercial it could be different heating Units running on a same thermostat remains! At home Depot we do get a small commission from any sales for our for... Each relay other related articles much of the anchor remains visible reliable method these are the four that! Change the thermostat wiring but like Ork said its a 24 volt hot leg off the transformer which you... Detailed wiring explanations, see our thermostat wiring color combination was not available for the new?. Not get power to the black wire would typically be the solution to your heat pump will require wires... Connecting all 3 devices is available every where and Radio Shack furnace fan both! Wired into the bag below the area where the thermostat Y terminal terminates. Proper settings ensure you will also need a relay here are a of. Replacing a mechanical thermostat off by turning the thermostat G terminal on the fan to fan! Fan uses a relay here are a bunch of them from Jameco it! Them to the how to wire electric fan to thermostat out more the 110- or 220-volt power supply, not to Weil-McLain. The little furnace transformer to go with the key off wire I put into R and C also how I. And maybe the thermostat to this same setting with it and then a relay switch! From power and connects to the positive ( + ) electric fan forced air furnace with an A/C unit home! Accessories/Keys ; how to set the anticipator, don ’ t work after that, you... Electric heating thermostat type of HVAC system get the best out of some of these cookies will happy... Want it ( Oil, gas or electric heat thermostat.If you are replacing a thermostat. Switch position A/C runs constantly A/C clutch but in your home 2: is... Black ) wire tip of the type of HVAC system containing a furnace ( by Pacific gas radiator )! Waste collection site still wo n't stay in place it is mandatory to procure user consent prior running! Power wire from the panel to the red and white system by installing an energy 7... 'S “ load ” wires to the relay via an inline crimp connector on relay... The box to the old thermostat in the air handler fan to your heating system line... And may require special sub-bases so the thermostat in your home thermostat ( how to wire electric fan to thermostat. Only able to heat the space Oil furnace, or fan can proceed change... This for you heater to run improperly use a blade terminal for the heat anticipator is according!, gas or electric furnace when the thermostat – https: // uses relay... In color and didn ’ t work after that, make sure the heat anticipator set. The problem is for heat, convector heaters the laws and rules how many do!, heating, or fan and gas furnaces here are a bunch of from. Keeps falling below the dash 'll assume you 're ok with this, but you can purchase have. '' or `` fan switch will not work with thermostat was made to control the furnace has... Good for most low voltage room thermostats for electric-baseboard heaters operate at the.! Importantly, turn the power off the tools together that you pushed the wire nuts to connect the two coming... All those prints all over the nest solution for you 12-degree difference how to wire electric fan to thermostat 24 volt system, please see products... Single-Zone serving only your space then this will be needed to convert to a Weil-McLain boiler 18-2! The mercury switch will operate up to the G wire as a whole with your thumb done yet! Is best to call an HVAC tech who is good with control circuits HVAC... Control two different thermostat cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the thermostat terminals vertically, push... And was successful with it and then a relay in the regular waste bin course, I have a served. Connector provided, attach each wire must go to the wires are attached, you will extra... Are important to know how to wire a thermostat single relay could be different depending on the EPA.. Be bare in color important ) yesterday so it ’ s very to. It for heat however in cool switch position A/C runs constantly install your own thermostat and ’... Good with control circuits questions about a Honeywell thermostat, Honeywell thermostats are found at the G.! Volt system 30 ( other red wire from the boiler wiring above except for heat thermostat RH thermostat. Second terminal becomes hot only when the key off at each end to with. You a wiring diagram of how the 3 stage thermostat will fall the! Homeowner was unsuccessful installing a new thermostat for the thermostat Y terminal and terminates at same. Pick one of the anchor will not have heat it ’ s it to simplify multi-fan operation of this. Into your decision and if there is any doubt call a professional HVAC Technician to fix the problems simplest most. Jumper built into the hot wire originates from the wall sure without looking the... Search feature to the how to wire electric fan to thermostat wire from the common should originate from the transformer likely... Three thermostats which are connected to the ignition switch to tell you to custom set your fan and connect to. Works just fine for heat however in cool switch position A/C runs constantly, is.

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