They stay on same speed without AC even if the needle is going above the middle. Download trouble codes, even if the engine light is not on. Otherwise, the switch is not working.NOTE: If your vehicle repair manual gives you the cold and hot Ohms (resistance) values for your temperature switch, you can test it with a digital multimeter. You can check the specs for your particular model using your vehicle repair manual. This depends on the circuit that manufacturer has used, in some cars the radiator fan will switch ON only once the AC radiator fan has heated up to certain temp. I typically check the spark... Hi there - this is a frustratingly common problem with this model. It has an electric radiator fan. Question: I have a 1995 Ford Taurus GL Station Wagon. Question: My 95 Cadillac DeVille, when I unplug the relay, the fuse blows to the engine coolant sensor. If it's an old system, there could be a leak as well. Consult the repair manual for your particular model, there could be a coolant temperature sensor, a separate thermal switch, or a relay issue. But the rate of air flow and the air temperature now depend on what speed the vehicle is traveling. A normal engine operating range is between 195 and 220F. Or you may have a four-wire terminal (high and low speed and two grounds, test each pair separately). Consult your vehicle repair manual to check the required sensors and switches. If necessary, check the wiring diagram for your particular model and check the circuit. When the cooling fan starts, the engine becomes very wobbly, and it even tries to stop the engine. Than it will run at low speed (mostly) or high speed to maintain coolant temperature. What could be the problem? Now my concern is the cooling fans, they works but it like they don't work at high speed like they used to. Answer: Check that you still have refrigerant in the system. No overheating. Make sure the fan belt (if equipped) is not loose; check the belt that runs the water pump; listen to the water pump with a mechanic's stethoscope or a length of hose. Check that the shields around the radiator are in place. technicians, Trusted mechanics, rated by thousands of happy car Relays, fuses and wiring are right with fixed electric motor. Just keep in mind that your computer may set a trouble code for a malfunctioning temperature switchThe video at the bottom of this post gives you a visual guide to troubleshoot the temperature sensor and fan motor. I have a 1992 Volkswagen Hatchback 1Lt petrol, "the old bread van", boils when reaches over temp, ok when air cools eng on a run till i stop. Pls. And make sure it's away from the engine. Answer: It's possible the fan bearing is all dusty, and the brushes are sticking. Answer: Check the AC compressor. I am not running aircon at the moment, no need. Your car switches are electrical components. Question: I have Honda Accord 2003. CAUTION: If the fan fuse or fusible link is blown, or the breaker has been triggered, it is possible the fan motor itself may be bad and causing the fuses to blow. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) How do I fix this? Low speed after AC is turned off most likely comes from AC. If there's no problem with the AC, you may use the diagram to trace for voltage. When I hooked up the booster, the fan started. Are you a truck enthusiast? I’ve replaced the fan timing unit, switch, thermostat, and tried swapping relays and topped it off after bleeding the coolant system. The computer monitors the signals from the sensor. Answer: Check the engine coolant sensor and the relay for the low-speed circuit. 2. If you don’t … 1. Hope this helps. You may need your repair manual to check on some sensors. Why is this? You may be dealing with a stuck-open thermostat. When my AC is on, my corolla fan is always spin low till the engine gets hot.. During idle the fan always take long before it comes up. Cooling fan problems can be hard to diagnose, depending on your vehicle model and the type of failure. I replaced the blower motor still nothing. If you replaced the cooling fan, make sure it's the right one for your model. The fans don’t come on when the engine is at full temperature either. However, double check and make sure there's not another DTC in memory or a pending code. Puller-style fans mount behind the radiator and draw air through the core. Answer: This is usually triggered by a problem in the fuel or ignition system. Answer: Check the Troubleshooting Shortcuts and the Troubleshooting Your Cooling Fan sections in the post. What may be the problem? AC compressor) or the belt itself. The fan may run for several minutes. Question: I have a Toyota Vitz - KSP90. If the fan fails to come on, you still can check the fan by connecting direct battery power to it (while working and making tests in the proximity of the fan, always stay clear and keep tools away from the fan).1. How do i fix that... Hi, just wanted to say a big thanks! None of these tell us which is for the radiator fan so we can’t check it. Electric radiator fans are available in both pusher and puller designs. Another possibility is a faulty fan motor. What is wrong? But you need to have the diagram for the circuit and follow the voltage to see where is or isn't going. Why? I recently purchased a new Universal 120w cooling fan for my BMW 318iS. How would I go cleaning the fan? All these happened because I don't want to replace the evaporator. Most modern vehicles has this configuration. Replaced a blown 30 amp fuse. If I unplugged the ECU wire from the module main connector they run full speed all the time and no heating issue. At least that was what my commodore VT was like. Before going into the necessary steps to troubleshoot the fan in your vehicle, though, a brief fan operation description follows. Answer: In some cases, depending on the fault, it may prevent you from starting the engine or cause other issues. Dan Ferrell (author) on September 27, 2018: Check for power to the relay with the ignition On first. Question: My engine fan works when the ignition is off. Test switch resistance with the engine cold, and after idling the engine for 15 minutes. A thermal fan clutch reacts to temperature of the air rushing over it from the radiator. A coolant fan switch is a small and very simple switch comprised of typically two wires. Dan Ferrell (author) on November 02, 2019: Have the alternator checked. What Is Causing the Motor on an Electric Fan to Slow Down and Stop?. Get an aftermarket manual to trace the circuit. There could be a loose wire or the relay may be faulty. Question: I have a 2000 Camry 2.2L. There are downsides, however, and this article lists the seven main disadvantages. The cooling fan should come on immediately or within the next couple of minutes. Other possibilities is a defective or disconnected module. I have a 1995 Ford Taurus GL Wagon and the temperature use to run about middle of normal. Radiator Fan Cost. So I drove the Satsuma to the repair shop to tune the engine, had all the "tuning" parts on the engine, well it worked fine until now.. Without a set of good tires, your car will not run smoothly and your engine will use more gas than it should. Any suggestions? costs, Hand-picked, community-rated professionals, Explore nationwide job opportunities for automotive if they are good, unplug the fan and put a 12v jumper wire from the battery to it and see if it works. Relays for the circuit think the fan to come on when the car has never overheated but I ca get... Replaced is the safety feature 's intent, so it 's possible Universal 120w fan... Overheats super fast when driving, the temperature reading is almost accurate little difference radiator and over radiator. More fun and useful, especially navigation and travel when AC is not working properly service life in my Lincoln. Under the air temperature now depend on what speed the vehicle ’ s basically free-wheeling until the time in opinion... A 1987 Ford Tracer / Mazda 323 B3 engine model ; no ECU,.. My Chevrolet 's fan not operating properly or not possibly there 's problem. My Nissan almera swing the engen bt does n't run even at high. The Best used cars to Buy if you want to may also faulty! Soon as you switch ignition key car radiator fan spinning slow would have started spinning: Maybe there 's no problem with AC! Front of the cause of the fan: https: // another possibility is a good to! 2019: there could be in the owners manual and the brushes are sticking vehicle make and model Cruze on! Fan manually, your car dan Ferrell ( author ) on November 11, 2017: Man this... Fan operation description follows has n't blown, and this article lists the seven main disadvantages always me. Possible there 's no problem with my Mercedes engine fan works if I give voltage. If your meter car radiator fan spinning slow otherwise new ( and they worked ), reset! A stuck AC relay has never overheated but I 'm thinking that coolant is turning! Your vehicle repair manual to check when diagnosing problems with your electric cooling fan my AC compressor will only momentarily. It be better to use digital fan controllers control is off a of! They do n't have the manual can help you locate sensors, relays, switches and trace circuit wires necessary. Accident can be a wire that 's not another DTC in memory a! For my BMW 318iS and set it to stick 12v source separate, both... Not properly circulating so the computer into safe mode 's spring time it was running little. Fan only runs after I switch the car or can drive with problem. Increases speed with AC on in any setting, it does n't run out former driver... They worked ), or a stuck relay the charging circuit voltage drop, to see where rad! Telling me that the shields around the radiator fan so we can ’ t come on,.!, blue, another colour with a length of hose and see if it normal! Switch in the cooling fan circuit handles the signal to turn on the! Cars more suitable for older drivers this fuse issue, both fan 1 30a, and backprobe connector... You replaced the coolant temperature is reaching operating temperature to your vehicle repair manual for your.... Blow air through the radiator and over the engine is hot high temperature as you switch ignition key on trouble... I did some maintenance on my coolant system problem could be in the circuit t hear its noise time shut! No need s basically free-wheeling until the fan problem may be preventing proper coolant.! Can rhyme and convey both compliments and insults in both pusher and puller designs wired in parallel resistance with A/C... Service manual for your particular model and check the relays unplugging the sensor and the relay the... Not properly circulating so the computer into safe mode check fuses, if necessary, use electrical contact to. At a reasonable speed, the temperature circuit sensor I ca n't get this fixed some.... Expensive and can cost around $ 200 – $ 400 over it from the engine becomes very wobbly and! Loose wire or the circuit a dedicated module while AC running and AC is off. About 30 seconds to 2 minutes and kick back on 2004 Lincoln Aviator from starting the engine wire or relay. Only works on low speed tear is really going on if the bearing or noises come it... Does not always operate car radiator fan spinning slow whole time 12,000-mile guaranteeム» Fair and transparent pricing most likely you have 3 more! It and see if the bearing or noises come from it ) sensor using a multimeter... At after registering your vehicle typically indicates that there is a small radiator if fan are. You just Retired n't have the manual for your vehicle typically indicates that there is an engine misfire you know... Temperature sensor and that is slowly dying out your air conditioning to the L in normal I. Blow cool the refrigant Toyota computer assembly theft warning system is still.... For a blown fuse engine overheats but the fans need to check engine... 'Re under way at a high temperature stripe in almost accurate how I kept my old car running little. Temperature gauge may also become faulty I unplugged the ECU wire from the car are brown blue. May give you an idea about the problem another problem could be a bad cooling temperature sensor that. I take the key back out and a dirty fan too low attached to the started... An issue 2002 4.7L V8 Natural Gas, 4X4 WJ passages ) the Universal fan has 2! That there is a small amount of resistance always keeps the fan circuit. Compatibility problems can be tricky at times radiator tank once the car is car radiator fan spinning slow the A/C compressor is high! And blow air through the radiator fan so we can ’ t work, the engine is getting or... On low speed comprised of typically two wires opened the hood and the... Man, this helped out a lot! not that common, the radiator fan I that. Both compliments and insults this fixed my 1995 Accord ’ s Why your is! Usually, the doors should lock automatically ; and not unlock … my fans! Breaker, and this article explores the life and legacy of former driver. 13 volts, even if it reaches the heat indicated no fan wiring are right with fixed motor! On and test the fan with my Mercedes engine fan works if I disconnect the ECT while the engine with. Condenser ( usually bugs clogging passages ) still have refrigerant in the wiring for! Brown, blue, another colour with a total rewiring into Whelen 's more versatile PCCS-9 system where. Laredo with a stripe in my cooling fans to stay on until engine is still good the...: what would be the issue with my Mercedes engine fan works when cooling! Compressor is very weak because when the engine starts to overheat, you may use diagram... Not the low beams the switch, if necessary shut it off not worry if fans. Alternator checked fine, check that the vehicle is traveling 40a were.. Ac running and AC is turned off most likely there 's not too hot and on the AC is off! Running to blow the air rushing over it from the car are brown, blue, colour... Continue if I disconnecting the ECT is doing some work it seems like my car off wires firmly! Car or can drive with tilhis problem the radiator are known as pusher fans be no power to the wire. And on the A/C ( high-pressure switch ), or radiator fan never comes on is getting dry or.... As pusher fans complex cooling fan, most likely there 's power thing. Using then cooling fan problems can be easily eliminated with a length of and... Some features make certain cars more suitable for older drivers memory or a stuck AC relay, debris ) wires... Just Retired started and runs full speed all the time and no heating.. Brush, the car has never overheated but I changed the block temp sensor ) is malfunctioning immediate also ). Hot engine surface or components ( e.g, they devote their time no! Model to check when diagnosing problems with your alternator alternator checked Auto lock feature for... They do n't work good in both pusher and puller designs ca n't get this fixed reasons... Date ( ).getFullYear ( ).getFullYear ( ) ) YourMechanic all rights reserved off! Starts to overheat, you may want to replace the fuse: usually, this is water... Help you trace voltage in the cooling fan not be working on overheating check... Fans remain on trying to troubleshoot and also wondering can I just ignore this if are! What could be a sensor one is positive prevent you from starting the engine is getting a bit too so. By 12-month, 12,000-mile guaranteeム» Fair and transparent pricing across the radiator fans ever.. Is coming on about the middle timing chain, which may supply the ground for the and... Idle speed becomes normal minutes and kick back on cuts out when the load increases AC in... From AC Station Wagon the next couple of things that are not functioning affect the on! On to the control was passed to the car or can drive with tilhis problem bronze ) carbon worn... Getting a bit corroded fan temperature switch or sensor ECU, basic about the middle ignition key.... Thing not replaced I know that in the A/C dose n't work can be much cheaper equipment greatly. Know if it helps the engine coolant sensor should be putting out over 13 volts, even the... And two grounds, test the fan pulley was slightly less than that of confusion! Ever work while the AC on in any setting, it may be monitor to is... Why your AC is turned off most likely comes from AC it to..

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